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Sucking red toes before fucking female feet

August 27, 2010

Sucking toes

Have you ever sucked on the toes of a gorgeous woman like this? I tell you there is no better high than putting the foot of a beautiful woman in your mouth. The best time to sniff and suck on her toes is after she’s been walking around for awhile in her high heels. That’s when her female foot pheromones are at maximum potential to excite.

After sucking on her red toes for a bit, a smart woman usually knows what you’re into, and will make her way down to your cock with her sexy feet. Then it’s time for a footjob, where you can fuck between her toes and soles. Who needs viagra when there is a much more effective cure for a floppy dick out there…all it takes is a woman’s sexy feet on your cock to get it hard as a rock!

If you’re as much of a fan a womens’ feet as I, then I’m pretty sure you will also enjoy my favorite footjob site on the net, Footsie Babes. It’s been around forever with constant updates, and as you can see from my many older posts on this blog, I still highly recommend it to my fellow foot fetishists out there!

Bare feet crushing birthday cake before foot job fucking

February 7, 2008

Crushing feet

This girl has great toes, and perfect, shiny painted nails. She’s got a great attitude too. Not like some girls out there who think it’s freaky, and weird, if a guy checks out their feet. I saw some girl on YouTube talking shit about that the other day, saying how it grossed her out when her boyfriend wanted to suck on her toes. Man, I would dump that prudish chick in a heartbeat.

Guess she doesn’t know that foot fetishism is the most common sexual fetish of all! Luckily, there are plenty of other hot girls out there who do appreciate a guy who will worship their pretty feet. They paint their toes all kinds of sexy colors…and wear hot open-toed high heels to get your attention. Those kind of girls just drive me crazy!

All I can think about is fucking their smooth arches, and rubbing my cock between their toes. For those of you into feet crushing, check out this girl crushing her birthday cake with her bare feet. Then, she gives this guy a quick foot job before cleaning his cock off with a blowjob. Now that is an interesting way to eat your cake. The video’s from the kickass foot job site Barefoot Maniacs.

Footjob from hot brunette babe with pretty feet and sexy toes

October 28, 2007


If you thought these Hungarian hotties were the only ones to bring our foot fetish fantasies to life, you are sadly mistaken! There are plenty of fine ass American chicks painting their sexy toes for you, and they’re willing to rub your cock into a footjob loving frenzy! Case in point, this hot brunette babe with her perfect sexy feet, and bright, long red fingernails.

Hey, this babe is my dream come true, and I’d give just about anything to be the lucky guy sucking on her pretty toes. She’s so cute too when she gets a little nervous and says how her feet are kinda dirty…damn, they look perfect to me, and I could see myself sucking those toes all night long while fucking her tight, wet pussy!

Watch this lucky guy fuck her pretty feet with his cock in one of many kinky footjob videos over at Barefoot Maniacs.

Barefoot Maniacs

Red toes in high heels footjob ecstasy fetish video

July 10, 2007

High heels footjob

I love to see red toes in high heels, and this footjob fetish video is the perfect example of the ecstasy you can attain from a beautiful woman’s feet. They taste so good when you lick them, and then suck on her toes. You know the feet are as sexual organ on a woman’s body as her tits, pussy or ass…they even emit special pheremones which arouse us.

It’s no wonder you can get an instant hard-on just from sniffing on a hot woman’s sexy feet. Human’s are also visual creatures, and when a girl paints her toes red…it’s like a one-two punch! Know what I mean?! Watch her rub those pretty feet and sexy red toes all over his face while he fucks her tight wet pussy…can you think of anything better than this?

Imagine a footjob from this babe in her fuck-me high heels, her toes squeezing the tip of you cock until you feel you’re gonna shoot your load. If you wanna see this whole video just go to Footsie Babes.

Sexy heels on a cute brunette giving a wet blowjob

April 19, 2007

Sexy heels

I love my girls with cute feet in sexy heels, and that’s what this high heels only site is all about! What is it about the shape of high heels that make a girl’s feet look so damn sexy? Gotta admit, that I’ve always wanted to fuck a girl while she still has her heels on, but never had the chance yet.

Guess I’m just a little embarrassed to ask a girl to keep her shoes on while we’re fucking…know what I mean? But definitely wanna try it some time, especially if she’s got sexy feet in open toed heels. Yup, open toed shoes on a girl with sexy toes and nail polish on are my foot fetish fantasy cum true!

Check out this brunette cutie giving this lucky guy a wet blowjob. Man, what a hard life it is to be a male porn star huh? Getting your cock sucked by an awesome babe like this! Well, if you like seeing hot girls in high heels as much as me, check out this great site, Heels and Hoes, for babes with feet that will blow you away!

Sexy French manicure toes ready to squeeze your cock

April 10, 2007

I’m fond of fantasizing about a hot chick with pretty feet rubbing my swollen shlong, making it harder and harder until I feel the urge of fucking her pussy. At first sight, I fell in love with Stephanie Cane’s pair of dainty feet and I can’t wait to feel its warmth while it rubs my huge cock. Watching Stephanie sucking her cute toes really turns me on and my cock seems to burst out in my pants any minute now. I can’t wait to suck this lovely bitch’s toes as I quickly headed towards her. I tasted her tight pussy first and then guided her feet towards my stiff cock to rub it nice and slow. Stephanie’s feet are driving me insane as she continues to stroke it up and down. Then I stuffed my huge cock inside her pussy, thrusting deeper and deeper as she exudes soft moans. Everything turns boiling hot as Stephanie jumps over me and enjoys a bouncy cowgirl ride. She can’t get enough of my cock and asks me to fuck her harder and harder as she continues to moan because of unbearable pleasure. I pulled my cock out just in time to unload hot jizz straight to her feet. Stephanie licked all the spunk I blew on her feet just like a good fucking slut.

Click here to view more foot fetish flicks at Bare Foot Maniacs

Euro blonde with sexy toes and shaved pussy gives footjob

March 19, 2007


I could suck on this Euro blonde beauty’s sexy toes for days…and she painted them pink just for the occasion. This girl puts her toes right in your mouth for you to worship, and repays you with the deepthroat blowjob of your life…

Straddling your cock, she rides you with her tight shaved pussy until you think you’re gonna explode! Lucky you held back, cause this hot Euro blonde puts your dick between her feet for an awesome wet footjob…wet with her sweet pussy juices still all over your cock!

Fucking her feet, you can’t take it anymore and cum all over her pretty pink toes! See the whole blonde footjob video.

Toe sucking footjob movie with a hot woman

March 8, 2007

toe suckingThis is a great toe sucking movie with a hot woman who has great feet and ankles. She gives a fucking awesome footjob with her soft, sexy toes stimulating a lucky cock!

When you see her perfect feet in those high heels, you wanna suck on those toes even more, and this guy couldn’t help sniffing and nibbling on them…

This sexy woman doesn’t waste anytime, cause she knows what he wants…a footjob. Having her feet on your cock is the greatest turn-on of all!!!
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Footjob from babe with sexy black painted toenails

February 27, 2007

black nailsThis babe’s name is Tiffany Preston and she’s giving a hot footjob with those shiny black painted toenails. Imagine her rubbing your cock with those sexy toes till you cum between her feet!

I just spotted Tiffany’s site last week, and I’ve gotta say she’s got one of the nicest amateur fetish websites I’ve ever seen…and she’s fucking HOT! Talk about kinky and creative…this babe’s got all kinds of fetishes, from footjobs, pantyjobs, and handjobs, to forced facesitting and ass worship!

Yeah, she likes a tongue in her ass too! I’ll tell ya, I wouldn’t mind being smothered with her sexy ass or being forced to suck on her feet…I just love those sexy black painted nails…Tiffany Rocks!


Sexy red toes rubbing on a hard cock

February 17, 2007

sexy red toesIf you love sexy feet, you’ll get off on watching this babe’s hot red toes rubbing on a hard cock.

She’s also got bright red nails to match those sexy toes, and staring at those colors while she’s sucking your cock only gets you harder.

This brunette babe takes his dick in her hot pussy for some hardcore fucking…but it’s the feet, and those sexy red toes, that are the focus of this climax.

Just imagine cumming all over her sexy feet!

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