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Red toes in high heels footjob ecstasy fetish video

July 10, 2007

High heels footjob

I love to see red toes in high heels, and this footjob fetish video is the perfect example of the ecstasy you can attain from a beautiful woman’s feet. They taste so good when you lick them, and then suck on her toes. You know the feet are as sexual organ on a woman’s body as her tits, pussy or ass…they even emit special pheremones which arouse us.

It’s no wonder you can get an instant hard-on just from sniffing on a hot woman’s sexy feet. Human’s are also visual creatures, and when a girl paints her toes red…it’s like a one-two punch! Know what I mean?! Watch her rub those pretty feet and sexy red toes all over his face while he fucks her tight wet pussy…can you think of anything better than this?

Imagine a footjob from this babe in her fuck-me high heels, her toes squeezing the tip of you cock until you feel you’re gonna shoot your load. If you wanna see this whole video just go to Footsie Babes.