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Sucking red toes before fucking female feet

August 27, 2010

Sucking toes

Have you ever sucked on the toes of a gorgeous woman like this? I tell you there is no better high than putting the foot of a beautiful woman in your mouth. The best time to sniff and suck on her toes is after she’s been walking around for awhile in her high heels. That’s when her female foot pheromones are at maximum potential to excite.

After sucking on her red toes for a bit, a smart woman usually knows what you’re into, and will make her way down to your cock with her sexy feet. Then it’s time for a footjob, where you can fuck between her toes and soles. Who needs viagra when there is a much more effective cure for a floppy dick out there…all it takes is a woman’s sexy feet on your cock to get it hard as a rock!

If you’re as much of a fan a womens’ feet as I, then I’m pretty sure you will also enjoy my favorite footjob site on the net, Footsie Babes. It’s been around forever with constant updates, and as you can see from my many older posts on this blog, I still highly recommend it to my fellow foot fetishists out there!